Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The War on Terror

The new war, the War on Terror, presents an never-ending cycle of violence and reprisal with the eventual winner being a terrorist group that is able to set off simultaneous nuclear bombs in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and London.

Armies will be left intact and retaliate by wiping out a greater number of cities in "harboring" countries, Iran, North Korea, China?

The United States probably won't recover from such an attack and the poisons unleashed around the globe will make for catastrophic conditions in weather, climate. Large areas of major US cities will become unusable ghost towns. The economic impact from real estate losses alone will probably collapse the banking system. The loss of communications, electricity, water, and transportation will make life very difficult for survivors.

The challenge for the US is there is no nuclear deterrance for a small band of terrorists willing to commit suicide during the act of detonating a nuclear device acquired on the black market.

Would be safer now had we spent the entire 200 billion in humanatarian effort to truly win the hearts and minds of people in regions where terrorists come from, Saudi Arabia.

Problem there is, if we really probed the source of frustrations that drive people to a level of desparation (that we cannot comprehend) we would quickly find the connnection between US energy consumption and the economic and political imbalance that it creates. That would require US leadership and citizens to confront the pink elephant in the living room, the oil-drinking problem. America is an "energyholic" nation. That is a big part of the terrorism problem, resource distribution. Solving the problem will necessarily entail a leadership that lays the cards on the table and abandons the misquided strategy that says you can "hunt and kill" terrorists.


At 11:24 PM, Blogger NYC Parks Goes to New Orlean's Upper Ninth Ward said...

The fight for Faluja seems like the Iraq war in minature. When the US puts on a show of force the enemy disappears only to reappear somewhere else. While we are fighting in Faluja, insurgents captured three members of the President's family. Of an estimated 10,000 insurgents 71 were counted as killed as of Wednesday November 10 and yet the Americans had captured the city. Where are the rest of the insurgents?

At 1:22 PM, Blogger Nayer said...

You're so right! Our terrorist policy is just stupid. It's like we're making any reason to keep Iraq in chaos while oil is being raped from her land.

There were no WMD's. Saddam was captured almost a year ago. We are still there.

It is imperative that we move to clean, free energies that get us off the crack called oil.


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