Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Direct Relief for Tsunami

One of my contacts in India sent me the following. If you want to donate directly to an organization in India that has been providing social services to people for a long time this is an option that I would encourage you to consider.

You can donate directly, please read directions carefully. Also, let me know, what you send, I have set a modest goal of $500 and would like to track the progress of donations through these efforts.


Dear Sir, I thank you for consulting me about your wish to help the Tsunami victims. since long, I have been searching for the right organisation for such donations, so that my money isused properly and all of it goes to the needy and poor. I have found the 'Ramakrishna Mission' of Belur Math,West Bengal ideal for this purpose. This is a very old institution , founded by Swami Vivekananda and is run by a group of dedicated and honest men who have left their personal interests of lifetime for the sake of social welfare.This group has been serving the needy people since many years.The organisation has got experienced and selfless persons in the institutions to conduct such work honestly and efficiently. Ramakrishna mission has swung into action since Day One of the disaster in the worst hit areas like coastal land of Tamilnadu, Andaman, Nikobar Islands and Battikalova of Shrilanka. Their site gives details of the work done by them so far and is self explanatory. The site also mentions their SWIFT account number for foreign donations.My small amount of donation I have sent to their postal address and I feel you may safely send your donation and those of your friends to them . I am sure, that it will be utilised properly and immediatley for the needy people of the Tsunami hit areas. Their site address is as follows:A)
for latest informationB)
for information of work done at Chennai and even for“ONLINE” donation.

Thanking again,
Regards[Sham Shrinivas Yemul]
107 Sakhar peth, Solapur
Maharashtra, INDIAEmail :


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